Evil meets with me quite frequently.

Share our Darkness 

Night Lights Cast Shadows is my creative outlet.

What started out as a blog to log my nightmares 

 has grown into a writing empire and a community where we 

can share and appreciate our love of the macabre.

Join us...


Our Mission Statement 

There are two versions and reciting either one grants you acceptance as an official Creepster. 

(Repeat after me..)

Version One

(For all the dark hearts out there...)

We believe in the night and in the shadows that hide there.

We believe the best stories have ghosts in them. 

We believe in exploring haunted houses.
We believe in looking under the bed before we sleep.
We believe in black clothes, winged eyeliner, and tattoos.

We believe that Goth is always in style.

We believe in everything skulls.
We believe in nightmares and daydreams.

We believe that Halloween is a lifestyle and should be celebrated on the daily.

We believe horror movies are King.

We believe the moon knows more than it lets on.

We believe in Steampunk.

We believe in the battle between good and evil.

We believe it's better to be weird than to be ordinary.

We believe that the Darkness is a beautiful friend.

We believe that Night Lights can make it all better.

Version Two

(For all the poetic souls out there....)

We believe in faeries and unicorns and fire-breathing dragons;
We believe in ghosts and goblins and demonic hangings;

We believe in aliens and monsters and creatures from beyond;
We believe in witches and warlocks and curses from a wand;

We believe in alternate worlds and galaxies without end;
We believe in spirits and lost souls and shadows that can bend;

We believe in the wicked, the accused and tales of gore;
We believe in myths and legends and stories of lore;

We believe in it all

We accept it as law

For those who acknowledge it

Will survive it's call.


Welcome, Creepster.

And know that this is a safe place for you -

the believers, the misunderstood, the "crazies".  

This is for us.